COMPOSITE CLAIM FORM Single PF Withdrawal Form For All Withdrawals (W1, W2, W3 and W4) Download 
PD/EDLI: 1/2017 EDLIF New Circular PD/EDLI:1/2017, Dt 23-02-2017 Download 
Rejected FPS Higher Optee Claim Form for refund of excess contribution amount from RPFC Download 
2  (Revised) Nomination Form Download 
W1 Application for Withdrawal of PF Amount for Son /Daughter Post-Matriculation Education Download 
W2 Application for Withdrawal of PF Amount on Medical grounds of Self or Family Members Download 
W3 Application for Withdrawal of PF Amount for the purpose of Construction of House including Cost of Site or a Dwelling Site or Flat Download 
W4 Application for Withdrawal of PF Amount for Marriage of Sons / Daughters / Sister Download 
W5 Application for Permanent Withdrawal after attaining 57 years of age or within one year before actual retirement on Superannuation Download 
10 C For claiming Refund of Employer share / Withdrawl benefit/Scheme certificate for retention of membership Download 
Instructions for Form 10-C to Fill Download 
10 D To be submitted by the first claimant i.e. Member/widow/widower or orphan/ nominee as the case may be Download 
Instructions for Form 10-C to Fill Download 
Life Certificate Certificate to be submitted by pensioner(Life Certificate/Non Re-Marriage Certificate) Download 
Higher Revised Option for Deduction of Contribution towards EPS – 1995 ON PAY + DA beyond Rs. 15000/- PM and Remittance of the Amount to the PENSION FUND w.e.f 01.09.2014 Download 


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